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The main activity of our company is the manufacture and marketing of granulated hyper phosphate called G27, highly recommended fertilizer for acid soils. It is marketed in several countries in Europe, New Zealand, Africa… It is used either:

  • In direct application allowing a double action: the contribution of P2O5 and the regulation of the acidity of the soil ,thanks to the high reactivity and good solubility of Tunisian phosphate in slightly acidic soils. This favors the assimilation of the element “P” by plants.
  • In formulation by bulk-blending (mixture of solid fertilizers such as DAP, MAP, Urea, etc.) and this is given the stability of G27 in the presence of certain fertilizers such as urea.

G27 has been classified as natural and even organic products in several countries.

In addition to its main activity, GRANUPHOS manufactures other types of binary (NP and PK) and ternary (NPK) fertilizers.

Our products are homogeneous and similar to chemically produced compound fertilizers.

Product range

Wide range of granulated products (G27 granulated hyper phosphate, NP-PK fertilizer, NPK ternary fertilizer...).


Quality and traceability monitored from the choice of raw materials to the final product.



Reliable physical process ensuring good physical and chemical quality of the product.