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Granular Hyperphosphate G27

G27 is a natural and biological phosphate fertilizer derived from Gafsa Phosphate Rock (Gafsa PR), a soft and highly reactive product extensively used in direct application.

In essence, G27 is Gafsa PR finely ground to 90% below 0,063 mm before granulation. Besides its high content in essential nutrients, the granulated product is enriched with nitrogen and sulfur in the form of sulfate in order to improve its nutrient content and its agronomic effectiveness.

Similar to Gafsa PR, its native compound, G27 is a soft and highly porous product. The porous nature of each individual particle provides a large surface area (over 22 m /g BET) to the soil solution, thus enhancing the dissolution of the mineral and the release of available P to the growing plant.

The granular G27 can be used either as a straight phosphatic fertilizer in direct application or as a basic compound in bulk blending for the production of a wide range of multinutrient fertilizers.

G27 is a reactive product with high solubilities in standard solutions.

11 – 13 % P2O5 soluble in citric acid 2 % 

19 – 21 % P2O5 soluble in formic acid 2 %

Fertilizer specification

P2O5 27 % C 0,6 %
N (Ammoniacal form) 1 % Max MgO 0,5 – 1 %
CaO 45 % H2O Max 3 %
CO2 6,30 % Micronutrients
S 2 % B 12 – 14 ppm
Na2O 1,40 % Cu 18 – 20 ppm
Al2O3 0,40 % Mn 25 – 30 ppm
Fe2O3 0,60% Zn 200 – 300 ppm
Granulometry Min 90 % Between 1 and 4.5 mm
Solubility % of total P2O5 % of product
2 % Citric Acid 40 – 45 11 – 13
2 % Formic Acid 70 – 75 19- 21

Physical advantages

G 27 is a coated slow-release P- fertilizer with a number of physical advantages, particularly in:
preventing caking and reducing dust formation,
improving flow during application,
minimizing segregation when the fertilizer is blended Moreover, the granular-coated form of the particles is a factor, that controls the dissolution rate of the mineral and protects against nutrient-losses due to P-fixation on soil particles and eventual leaching mainly in light textured soils.

Agronomic advantages

G 27 contains phosphorus in a controlled release form which extends the time of its availability for continuous plant uptake. An additional advantage is the presence of small quantities of water-soluble phosphorus for immediate availability.

This readily available form of P enhances the root growth during the early stages of the crop, which would improve the utilization of P from the unacidulated portion of the product. Because of its high CaO content and high available Calcium (Ca), G27 is an efficient source of Ca not only with regard to plant nutrition but also to liming effect (correction of soil acidity).

Its high content of sulfur, a major plant nutrient, is an additional advantage with regard to sulfur-deficient soils. After application to the soil, it is expected that up to 20 % of G27 P-content will be recovered by the corp during the growing season.

The remainder will be available over a period of 2 to 3 years through a slow-release process.

Use in direct-application

G27 which contains 90% of Gafsa PR has the same agronomic potential as its native compound as demonstrated by numerous agronomic studies conducted in different parts of the world by various research institutions on Food crops and by the field trials performed by Scottish Agricultural College in Scotland that have shown that G27 is also highly effective for grass pastures grown an acid soil. G27 is an effective direct application fertilizer under a wide range of soil types and for various crops including :
Food crops (rice, maize, wheat…)
Pulses (beans, lentil, peas…)
Oil crops (soybean, ground nut, coconut, oil palm, rape seed…)
Fruit crops – Fibers (rubber…)
Pasture and fodder