Granuphos Industrie

Granuphos Industrie specializes in the production of high-quality fertilizers, including granular hyperphosphate and NPK blends, using Tunisian rock phosphate as the primary raw material. As a company dedicated to quality and innovation, we have become a major player in the agricultural industry, exporting our entire production worldwide.

Our strong reputation as a reliable supplier supports the improvement of agricultural yields and the promotion of sustainable agriculture on the global stage. At Granuphos Industrie, we firmly believe that our products play an essential role in increasing agricultural productivity while supporting environmentally friendly farming practices.

Our vision is to continue our global expansion while maintaining our high quality standards and providing innovative solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of our planet.

Our Staff

Cultivating Excellence, One Team at a Time

Granuphos teams are the driving force behind our success. Comprised of dedicated professionals, our teams work hand in hand to ensure excellence at every stage of our process.

From research and development experts who push the boundaries, to highly skilled production teams that ensure the superior quality of our fertilizers.

Each member of our team plays an essential role. Together, we share a common vision of supporting sustainable agriculture and increasing yields to feed a growing planet. At Granuphos, our team is our strength and our pride.

Granuphos Industrie : Nurturing Growth Worldwide

Connecting with Clients Worldwide

Granuphos Industrie, caters to the needs of clients worldwide, reflecting our commitment to their satisfaction.